CLP regulation compliance

This regulation, EC No 1206/2009, came into existence into Europe in the year 2009. This regulation is the European version of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for classification, labeling and packaging of chemical substances and aims to harmonize the classification and labeling of substances put into the European markets

As per this regulation, the chemical substances that are already existing in the European markets have to be CLP compliant by the 1st Dec’ 2010. A chemical substance which is put on the market on 1st Dec’ 2010 shall have to be CLP compliant by the 3rd Jan’ 2011. Preparations have a later deadline within CLP, that of 1st June’ 2015.

This regulation requires the CLP notification to be submitted to the European chemical agency (ECHA) using the IUCLID software. For the non-European companies to be in compliance with this regulation, either their European buyer or their “only representative” in the capacity of an importer can submit the CLP notification dossier to the ECHA.

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