Technical dossier preparation

REACH registration involves the submission of information pertaining to the chemical manufacturer as well as information on the intrinsic properties of the substance. The registration dossier thus comprises of two parts:

  • Technical Dossier- This section of the IUCLID dossier contains information on the physico-chemical, toxicological & eco-toxicological properties of a particular chemical substance to be registered within REACH. The technical dossier is usually prepared by the lead registrant (LR) during a joint submission.
  • Mini Dossier – This part of the IUCLID contains company specific details and compositional details of a particular chemical substance to be registered. A mini dossier has to be submitted individually by every potential registrant. Mini dossier preparation is a specialized service being offered to ensure that the dossier is successfully accepted by ECHA.
The service of providing the mini dossier and the technical dossier depends upon the request’s received from the companies.