Dossier Validation

The mini dossier, containing company specific information pertaining to the manufacture and use of the substance to be registered has to be submitted individually to the ECHA by every potential registrant. There are many service providers who offer the service of the mini dossier preparation. However, it is desirable that since the “only representative” has been working closely with the companies for pre-registration and subsequently REACH registration, the mini dossier should be prepared by his organization.

However, certain companies who have a large portfolio of chemicals prefer to compile the mini dossier themselves. To make sure that the dossier passes the technical completeness check and shall be successfully accepted by the REACH-IT system at the time of REACH registration, the dossier validation is a crucial service when the dossier has been compiled by the company professional trained in IUCLID or from an external service provider.

It is important to note that the mini dossier validation service fee is less than the technical dossier evaluation fee as the technical dossier is far more elaborate than the mini dossier.