ErP Compliance

In order to comply with ErP requirements, the non-EU exporters of ErP (products/ components) must identify and appoint an Authorized Representative (AR) to be able to fulfill the requirements of ErP regulation on its behalf; Non-EU Exporter needs to develop a Technical dossier on its products/ components that would be maintained by the Authorized Representative (AR); in addition the non-EU exporter would be required to provide through the AR a “declaration of Conformity” of products with the ErP implementation procedures as are laid out within the law. The component exporters would also need to communicate with their importer to seek clarity on who shall be fulfilling the ErP Directive obligation.

SSS will act as the official Authorized Representative for manufacturer and exporters outside the European Economic Area who intend to or are exporting their products to Europe. SSS takes complete responsibility for CE Marking, CE Certification, and Product Safety & Liability in EU.

SSS will:

- Act as your primary contact point for the EU Authorities;

- SSS shall register manufacturer and exporters’ products with the appropriate authorities. Further, SSS provides advice on the implementation of the technical regulations and guide clients for the certification procedures.

- Keep copy of manufacturer/exporter’s technical file documentation ready and available for the European Competent Authorities;

- Be responsible for incident reporting before Competent Authorities, in close liaison with the Manufacturer and distributors;

- Represent the manufacturer/exporter and negotiate with the European Commission for consultation in case of withdrawal of a Product by a Member State(s);

- Represent the Manufacturer before the national Competent Authorities in the European Economic Area;

- Will be a contact point to interact between the Manufacturer/Exporter and the national Competent Authorities;

- Protect manufacturer/exporter confidentiality documentation because the SSS is authorized to show them to the Competent Authorities only.

- SSS shall monitor and report on new developments in European product legislation relevant to clients.

- Provide access to our personnel who are experienced with European regulatory affairs.