Prior Informed Consent

Action required by Non – EU companies

  • The basic obligation of the non-EU industry is to check for the substances if present in the Annex I of the PIC regulation.
  • In case the substance appears in the Annex I then the EU importer (SSS can qualify as importer for regulatory compliance activity) will have to notify to the designated national authorities of the countries from which the exports will originate
  • Similarly imports of severely restricted chemicals (covered within the Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation) can also be considered for notification obligation.
  • Further the substance due for export will also require to be checked in Annex V list of the PIC regulation, if present then the exports of this substance will not be possible as the substances are banned within the EU countries.
As mentioned that the non EU companies will have to evaluate if the PIC regulation is relevant for the exports to Europe and this applicablity assessment of regulation to your product can be provided to your company.